The 1st POMERANIAN CONGRESS OF BUSINESS WOMEN, which took place on May 16, 2023 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Sopot, attracted huge attention – 150 enterprising women gathered in one place!
Fantastic organization Maarwin Paulina Marwińska and Joanna Suchocka.


We had the great pleasure of sharing knowledge about the problems that affect entrepreneurs in times of crisis and talking about topics that are quite a challenge for many organizations:

➡️ mission,
➡️ vision,
➡️ strategic goals,
➡️ decision to implement a system supporting business processes,
➡️ motivation and its role in building teams,
➡️ costs and their optimization.

Seemingly simple, often hackneyed slogans. Additionally, they are repeated by everyone and, in fact, very often completely incomprehensible, implemented without reflection or a greater plan. What are they really and why is building solid foundations so important for the development of the company? Why do they also matter to all those who work for this success?

Why OPI?

We specialize in consulting and supporting organizations in the field of:

➡️ cost optimization, elimination of waste, increase in production efficiency and implementation of broadly understood innovations.
➡️ supporting in building the mission, vision and strategic goals of the organization,
➡️ optimization main and supporting processes,
➡️ preparing companies for future system implementation (ERP, MES, APS, WMS classes), we help to choose the best solution and go through the entire implementation process
➡️ conducting investment projects.

We discussed this and many other topics important for every business at the Congress.
We hope that in this way we highlight problems and provide possible solutions for the participants and their businesses.

The Congress itself turned out to be a fantastic opportunity to exchange experiences and establish new contacts.

See you in a year!