How to implement the system cheaply, quickly and independently?

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We live in times where technological progress is not rushing, it is galloping at a dizzying pace. Obviously there is no turning back from this. Companies that do not decide to make changes will stay behind. This applies to both development and financial results.
The digitalization trend has been at a high growth rate for several years now. Companies, especially those at the beginning of their journey, still believe that implementation can be done quickly and cheaply. Preferably on your own. All this is true, but is it possible to implement the system cheaply, quickly and independently?

Implement the system cheaply, is it good?

FIRST OF ALL, EXPECTATIONS! This is key to moving forward with implementing the solution, which is to be:

➡️FAST – time is a relative concept here. What is a short implementation time for one company may be unacceptable for another. It is best to specify the estimated implementation time at the beginning. This makes it easier to create design assumptions. Especially since time is as crucial as the cost of software and resources.

➡️CHEAP – having a planned investment budget, you can narrow down the area of ​​systems that may be a potential subject of further analysis. Expectations regarding the system must be taken into account here. An experienced person is able to prepare a list of potential solutions at this stage.

➡️INDEPENDENTLY – paradoxically, this is the most difficult issue. Companies should have knowledge and competences in this area within its structure. Choosing a random person responsible for the selection and implementation of the system will be neither quick nor cheap. The consequence may result in launching software that people will not use, the data will not be reliable. The assumptions and expectations set at the beginning of the project will remain only in the sphere of unfulfilled promises…

Choose experience and competence

All in all it is worth considering whether to use the knowledge, experience and competences of someone who deals with this on a daily basis. Certainly such a person will not only select the best solution tailored to the expectations, budget and available resources in the organization. Additionally, it will support the implementation process, remodeling of existing processes (if necessary), propose solutions that will most effectively use what is available and indicate directions of development not only of the system, but also of how the system can and should support business development.