Implementation of the ERP System in the marine industry

“Innovation is always valuable!”

Diana Melnyk


How to meet market challenges in a dynamically changing environment? Is high quality, craftsmanship and phenomenal design enough? And what about timeliness, problems of increasing production and the development of the company?

Such challenges faced the shipyard. After years of working on a dedicated system decided to purchase and implement the ERP system. The task was to define the assumptions and system settings from the beginning and implement all the main modules, such as: sales, planning, production, purchasing and warehouse, quality, service, accounting and human resources. Close cooperation between the management, the implementation team of the software supplier and the huge commitment, competence and motivation of key users in house resulted implementation on time and parallel in all key areas of the organization.

At a glance:


  • Production time reduction
  • Maintaining a high level of quality
  • Implementation of new technologies
  • Data management and reporting
  • Integration of key processes in the company


  • Data transparency
  • Production costs reduction
  • Storage costs reduction
  • Material cost reduction
  • Sales increase by 30%


Analysis of existing processes, mapping them and modeling in the system with an emphasis on efficiency and quality made it possible to make decisions whether it is appropriate to continue inefficient processes on their stages.

This allowed clearing production bottlenecks, acceleration of data transfer, better organization and management of their flow. Our experience and the proposed changes accelerated the entire design process and allowed to avoid delays caused by a fear of changing or transferring information between the organization and the software manufacturer.

Knowledge of new technologies, management of indicators necessary in this case, and experience in the implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) systems resulted into significant support in the project and gave it right direction. Soft skills additionally allowed to merge the team and members mutual support.


Benefit one

Data transparency, data updated in real time. Extensive production controlling.

Benefit two

Maintaining high product quality while reducing production time.

Benefit three

Integration of key areas. Transferring information between processes in real time enabled flexible and quick response to change.

Benefit four

Selection of the most effective solutions on the market.

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