Quantum Qguar Sp. z o. o.

Quantum Qguar provides IT systems for enterprises that pose especially high requirements in the domain of logistics and delivery chain management. Qguar – a system of the Supply Chain Execution class – is the flagship product of the company. It is an original package of software, designed to manage complex production, warehousing and distribution structures. Qguar cooperates with many different ERP-class systems.

Supported areas:

  • production companies that pose exact requirements in the domain of logistics
  • logistics and distribution centres, modern warehousing structures
  • trade and distribution companies
  • logistics operators and forwarding and transport companies.



(Manufacturing Execution System)

enables the user to model production processes in a fast and effective manner and to collect information about the course of their realization.

As the system can integrate with external systems (ERP, SCADA, logistics systems), it can trace products, components and raw materials at every stage of their life within a plant, beginning from order placement through the realization of production processes to shipment to a receiver.


Collected information about a production process support the management following the principles of “Lean Manufacturing”.


(Advanced Planning & Scheduling)

is a perfect piece of software designed to support managers and planners in advanced production scheduling and optimization of production scenarios.

Qguar APS is equipped with optimization algorithms, based on artificial intelligence (hybrid methods, constraint programming), that allow one to plan production in a manner that ensures orders are realized in a possibly short time at the lowest cost, while ensuring the highest possible efficiency of production machines and the shortest down-times.

The software allows you to compare multiple scheduling scenarios with what-if simulations.