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Optimization activities undertaken by enterprises should be a constant goal for managers - not only in good times, but also in bad times. This is because they allow companies to achieve business goals both in terms of achieving financial profits, employee involvement, as well as maintaining financial liquidity.

Analysis and Optimization of Main Processes

Analysis and optimization of organization main process responsible for product or service delivery.

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Analysis Costs of the Current Functioning Enterprise

Current operating costs analysis. As part of the analysis, we will verify the legitimacy of the expenses incurred and the possibility of their optimization.

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Strategic Transformation of the Organization

Strategic transformation of the organization. Increasing their effectiveness, reorganization of strategic company's operation areas, organizational structure and improvement of management and decision-making process.

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Analysis of Support Processes

Analysis of support processes, which are necessary for the functioning of the company but are not delivered at producing / providing the main products and services.

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Employment Cost Analysis

Employee efficiency analysis in all areas.

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Production management refers to goods production process prepared for sales. It consists of taking decisions in production areas to use in most effective ways resources and available technology. In practice, production management ensures that finished products comply with the specifications, are produced in a defined quantity and time, also with use of minimal financial resources.

Product Platforms

Product platforms - Participation in building a completely new or modifying the current product platform. Creation of an optimal technological process taking into account the highest business efficiency and the lowest costs.

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Process Changes

Changes in the process - The genesis resulting from a change in production technology or market requirements for the sale of given products. Most often they are associated with only a small part of the product's transition through the process.

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NPI - The introduction of a new product is a process that leads from the prototype stage to a carefully refined and repeatable end product. As NPI is time and resource intensive, the process must be carefully planned at each stage to achieve the desired results.

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Project Management – Investments

Project management - Investment project management requires the use of processes, methods, skills, knowledge and experience to achieve specific project goals in accordance with the project acceptance criteria in the set parameters.

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Technological Lines

We offer support in designing new and redesigning the existing ones in order to optimally consolidate the processes.

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The foundation for understanding the concept of the Innovation Process is the definition of Innovation defined as: introducing new products to production or improving the existing ones, improving or implementing a new production process, developing a new way of distributing products, opening a new market, using new materials, raw materials for production, introducing a new organization production.

Cartesian Robots and Systems

Cartesian robots and systems - is a popular and cost-effective solution for conveying various materials on production and technological lines. They are successfully used primarily in packaging applications, for sorting and scanning.

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AGV – Driving Robots

Driving mobile robots - within this group we can distinguish between non-autonomous AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) and autonomous - (AMR robots (Autonomous Mobile Robots).

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Implementation of ERP Systems

Implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, which support the enterprise resource management processes.

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Integrations with ERP

Integration with ERP class systems, the basic assumption of consolidation all departments and processes in the enterprise. As part of the integration, we implement, among others: MES, APS, OCR.

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B2B Platforms

B2B (business-to-business) platforms are a tool for the implementation of trade between two companies.

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Support under Industry 4.0.

Support for innovation within Industry 4.0.

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Meet OPI

Who we are? We are a response to contemporary challenges related to industry, technology and processes.

We use our experience and knowledge to support organizations and their development. We reduce costs, increase productivity, and support processes through their optimization and automation.

We implement innovations, thanks to which we increase the competitive advantage of our clients. Sounds good? We can do much more …

Who we are

When you decide to choose our team, you choose:

  • 16 years of experience in the manufacturing industry
  • 10 years of experience in the shipbuilding industry
  • over 12 years of experience in managing investment projects and implementing new products and processes
  • competences in the areas of: operational management, company law, implementation of ERP systems and integration of applications developing existing systems
  • process engineering, production engineering, NPI, BOM, planning and materials management, production optimization, product and design calculations
  • sale
  • transfers of production from foreign markets to the domestic market

Our team is an accumulation of comments from many areas, including production support areas, UTR, distribution or lean. Our practitioners work at your place, so they can explore each issue and propose tailor-made solutions.

Thanks to this, we provide comprehensive service and an individual approach. We constantly improve our qualifications in order to meet even the most difficult challenges, because the business is constantly evolving, and so are we.

What characterizes us?

  • Experience gathered during many years of work in an international environment
  • Individual approach to each issue
  • Substantive knowledge that we know how to use
  • We are in tune and you can rely on us
Mission, vision, values

OPI is created by people. For us, the most important thing is that our clients become stronger in the market, gaining a competitive advantage in innovation and improving their processes, which translates into greater business profitability. We value challenges and are not afraid to go against the tide. We support companies and we care about their success!


That is why organizations should develop in all areas. We want to discover their own potential and develop the cloak …


Cooperation with our clients brings benefits for both sides. Every business is different. The problems are similar, so the methods of solving them are also. What allows us to change for the better together is the environment that constantly engages the need for development.


Our team is guided by universal moral values. They are a compass when taking the right decisions and actions, give a sense of meaning and build good relationships with people.

  • All activities starting from the observation and reparation of analyzes, through the plan for implementation, were performed in a timely manner, very profesionally with great commtment on the part of OPI.

    Vertex sp. z.o.o

  • Polecamy firmę OPI jako odpowiedzialnego partnera, gwarantującego rzetelność, kompetencje, jakość i profesjonalizm realizowanych usług.

    Moldrew SKA

  • Podczas naszej współpracy wiedzieliśmy iż musimy rzetelnie wykonywać powierzone nam zadania ponieważ Diana skrupulatnie będzie pilnować ich realizacji, jednocześnie mieliśmy pewność iż jeśli zgłosimy nieprawidłowości po stronie kierowanego prez nią zespołu - problemy zostaną zaadresowane i rozwiązane.

    Delivery of ERP software

  • Diana was the person leading the success, she implemented a new MRP system with minimal disruption, (something I am too painfully aware of the difficulty). I was lucky enough to have her as the person I was to work with. She was fully engaged, has a great Engineering, manufacturing, Human Resource, Purchasing and accounting background. Her record keeping was unbelievable.

    An expert in the yachting industry



Realization of strategic goals by improving factory efficiency

The scope of the project covered several stages from VSM workshops, loss analysis and determination of potential through implementation of programmed solutions in production areas and calculation of benefits assumed in the project.

Cost reduction through process optimization

Improvement project consisting in the adaptation of appropriate machines and devices while using the existing potential at the customer in order to reduce production costs. By minimizing waste and standardizing the process, the material cost was reduced by 40% and profitability was improved.


Projects related to the digitization of production processes and production support

We offer full support in the implementation of IT systems related to the broadly understood production.