Support under Industry 4.0.


  1. introducing new business models
  2. digitization of products and services
  3. access to new digital technologies
  4. ensuring communication in the network of cooperation between machines, devices and people
  5. meeting the individual needs of customers and the growing trend of personalizing products and services


  • Visiting the client, defining assumptions, initial problem identification
  • Analysis of the current state, on-site verification of initial assumptions and problems discussed during the meeting, observations and own analyzes
  • Report specifying directions and proposed changes
  • Meeting with the client and discussing the report
  • Implementation of approval solutions with client's team


  • increased cost awareness of the organization
  • the ability to control production processes
  • constant monitoring of the operation of machines
  • optimization and minimization of the number of failures
  • savings in terms of minimizing losses of e.g. energy and raw materials
  • building a competitive advantage

Time and place:

8-18 months
Customer location, OPI location



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Optimization: costs, processes, Transformation
Production: stabilization of production, efficiency increase, implementation of new products
Innovations: Automation, robotization, ERP, integration, Industry 4.0
Individual projects: individually designed solutions, consulting