Cartesian Robots and Systems


  1. achieving high repeatability in the process
  2. elimination of errors in the process
  3. constant quality (possibility of additionally vision systems)
  4. increase in production without increasing employment
  5. reduction of operating costs


  • Visiting the client, defining assumptions, initial problem identification
  • Defining assumptions and expectations regarding planned / implemented investments
  • Report specifying directions and proposed changes
  • Meeting with the client and discussing the report
  • Implementation of approval solutions with client's team


  • increase in know-how by increasing the level of innovation
  • increase in brand confidence
  • readiness for unpredictable market changes
  • cost reduction confirmed by net financial results
  • building a competitive advantage
  • increasing the cost awareness of the organization
  • effective decision-making process regarding to expenses

Time and place:

2-8 months
Client location, OPI location



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Optimization: costs, processes, Transformation
Production: stabilization of production, efficiency increase, implementation of new products
Innovations: Automation, robotization, ERP, integration, Industry 4.0
Individual projects: individually designed solutions, consulting