Integrations with ERP


  1. effective production planning
  2. real-time visualization of production results
  3. more efficient management of materials and warehouses
  4. machine efficiency reporting
  5. improving the flow of documentation in the organization
  6. transparency and an increase in the level of orders


  • Visiting the client, defining assumptions, initial problem identification
  • Analysis of the current state, on-site verification of initial assumptions and problems discussed during the meeting, observations and own analyzes
  • Report specifying directions and proposed changes
  • Meeting with the client and discussing the report
  • Implementation of approval solutions with client's team


  • automatic data flow without the need to enter them multiple times
  • minimizing labor costs while maintaining a satisfactory level of production / provided services
  • data consistency
  • easier management of data distributed in various systems
  • data audibility
  • building a competitive advantage

Time and place:

3-8 months
Client location, OPI location



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Optimization: costs, processes, Transformation
Production: stabilization of production, efficiency increase, implementation of new products
Innovations: Automation, robotization, ERP, integration, Industry 4.0
Individual projects: individually designed solutions, consulting