Analysis and Optimization of Main Processes


  1. developing action plans that will allow for:
    • rationalization of costs and avoiding their unnecessary incurring
    • increase in efficiency and processes
    • improving the quality of products / services
    • problem-solving orientation
  2. increase in the value of the enterprise
  3. increasing employee awareness


  • Visiting the client, defining assumptions, initial problem identification
  • Analysis of the current state at the customer's site, verification of initial assumptions and problems discussed during the meeting, observations and own analyzes
  • Report specifying directions and proposed changes
  • Meeting with the client and discussing the report
  • Joint implementation of approved solutions


  • increasing the cost awareness of the organization
  • effective spending decision-making process
  • minimizing costs while maintaining a satisfactory level of product / service quality
  • increase in team motivation and easier change management
  • readiness for unpredictable market changes
  • cost reduction confirmed by financial results
  • building a competitive advantage

Time and place:

4-16 weeks
Client location



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Optimization: costs, processes, Transformation
Production: stabilization of production, efficiency increase, implementation of new products
Innovations: Automation, robotization, ERP, integration, Industry 4.0
Individual projects: individually designed solutions, consulting