Sherlock Waste Sp. z o. o.

Manufacturer of an innovative system for improving the company thanks to the ideas of employees. It is a company improvement system that engages employees in submitting ideas, implementing improvements and solving problems together. Thanks to it, all employees report problems, look for areas for improvement and share ideas, the best ideas are actually implemented, and managers easily manage requests by selecting priorities, both the reporting person and the manager have a real impact on business results.


Quickly add tickets:

You can add your ideas for improvements throughout the company in a simple and convenient way. You can do this through the mobile application or through a browser on your computer.

Intuitive management panel:

Manage requests and measure business results using a single administration panel. A dedicated panel for quick and easy ticket management and a calculator will allow you to track and enjoy the impact on your business.


With the help of positive gamification, you will build employee involvement in improving the company and enable you to develop good habits. Active users of the system are appreciated by managers, distinguished in the Ranking and rewarded with points that can be exchanged for prizes.

Employee feedback automation:

The system enables immediate and transparent communication with everyone in the company. Thanks to push notifications on the phone, each employee will be kept informed about events and changes related to notifications.

Instant translations:

Sherlock’s system is based on technology that enables instant translation of texts into foreign languages. If employees in your company speak many languages – using the application will be just as convenient for them.


Thanks to audits, you will avoid many irregularities in your company. You will detect errors and inconsistencies in current processes, and eliminate waste. Thanks to the tasks in the application, you will fix deviations from the norm and improve the organization.