TMA Automation Sp. z o. o.

A manufacturer of modern, interdisciplinary solutions in the field of robotics, automation, mechanics and vision systems. TMA specialized in the design and construction of robots for labeling in the form of [IML] and robotic assembly stations.


Cartesian robots

The main applications of Cartesian robots are the automation of processes related to the injection molding of plastics.

In-Mould Labelling

Solutions for companies applying details in the form of IML technology (In-Mold Labeling).

Automatic palletizing

Specialized solutions for stacking products and packaging from production line to pallets.

Dedicated automation Robotic positions

We implement dedicated solutions tailored to the client’s needs:

  • assembly machines,
  • positions with 6-axis robots,
  • positions with DELTA robots,
  • positions with SCARA robots,
  • machining machines.


Vision quality control systems

Quality control of manufactured parts using vision systems and cameras:

  • control of the melting of IML labels,
  • elimination of defective details after the injection process,
  • color detail control,
  • checking the dimensions of details.


Accesories Additional equipment

Additional equipment, adapted to the customer’s production line:

  • belt or roller feeders,
  • dedicated grippers,
  • hooves for IML technology,
  • safety cages,
  • platforms.